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Tech, Tools and Talent: The Three “Ts” of Outsourced Loan Processing



Outsource processing for more efficient lending

With so many changes in the economy, workforce, and the way we lend, it’s no surprise that some financial institutions are struggling to keep up.

Hannah Lewis, the CU Direct Connect VP of operations and support, delves into how lending technology and outsourced loan processing can help you increase efficiency to handle high application volumes, staff shortages, and more.

Topics include:

Automated document stacking to speed up processing and reduce human error

Call center services & support to keep your staff focused on core competencies

Outsourced processing and underwriting to pick up the slack in cases of understaffing or high volume

Extensive reporting to assist in pricing for profitability and risk management

And much more


Hannah Lewis headshot

Hannah Lewis
VP of Operations
CU Direct Connect

Lee Easterwood headshot

Lee Easterwood
VP of Business Development 
CU Direct Connect


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