Online auto shopping to help drive more loans


Be the go-to resource at every stage of members’ car-buying journey— including financing—with AutoSMART, our online auto shopping marketplace

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What you need to know

AutoSMART is the auto shopping marketplace that provides your members peace of mind when they purchase their car. By connecting them to the best inventory of local and national dealers, they’re sure to find the car they’re looking for. This results in happier members while keeping you in the sales loop, helping to retain member loans.


Credit union benefits:

Strengthens your brand with a white-labelled, customizable website

Helps create valuable relationships with local dealers

Protects your financing by allowing you to control the member car buying experience

Member benefits:

Provides them access to browse 2.7 million+ available cars from over 13,000 dealerships

Gives them the tools they need to find the perfect car

Connects them to trusted local dealers



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