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All-in-One Loan & Account Origination

Lending 360 is a comprehensive loan and new account origination system designed to improve the lending experience for both members and lenders. Through automation and extensive configurability, it enables credit unions to fulfill consumer loan applications from both direct and indirect sources. 


Configurable workflows

Our consumer LOS features a flexible, scalable design with workflows that can be configured to your specific team and processes.

Increase your efficiency and reduce administrative errors with intelligent task management, the ability to build your own roles, and seamless integration with your core. Allocating work and streamlining your lending has never been easier, no matter your processes or the size of your team.


Multiple loan type support

Bring all of your consumer lending under one platform with a single sign on consumer LOS. Lending 360 also scales to your credit union, meaning it can be completely configured to your specifications and built to your criteria.


Automated decisioning

With 1,800 variables, our industry-leading decision engine has what you need to deliver quick and accurate loan decisions.

Our unprecedented number of data sets allows you to configure the decision engine to your exact needs, then saves you time as our automated decisioning identifies the loans that will work for you, the loans that won’t, and refers the loans that might.


Built-in cross-sell

Create deeper relationships and increase profitability with cross-selling capabilities built into your loan origination process. Our account origination and online loan applications integrate with your core to offer consumers personalized products and rates.



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