A powerful, automation-driven mortgage origination system


Our Mortgage LOS enhances every step of the fulfillment process through the automation of workplans, document processing, compliance, and more.

Discover Origence Mortgage LOS

What you need to know

Origence’s mortgage loan origination system delivers a modern lending experience through groundbreaking automation. Empower your lending team with a system that replaces tedious manual steps across multiple roles to take the pressure off staff. This makes lending teams stronger, loan decisions smarter, and closing times faster.


Financial institution benefits:

Reduced cost through the automation of manual steps

Modern system built from the ground up to streamline digital lending

Increased pull-through with a system that keeps borrowers on track and engaged

Borrower benefits:

Quicker borrowing process with fast decisions and more efficient lending

Transparent and connected experience with a leading-edge POS

Staff benefits:

Greater efficiency through cycle time reduction and unified systems

Elimination of tedious manual processes thorough automation



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